Flo Jalin

Photo's by Marcus (except where noted)

Here she is, our first Rev-Mag girl Flo. Many thanks to her and to Pro Italia Motors for providing the equally beautiful Ducati 996. If you have a vehicle hot enough for one of our models write us and we will supply the model. ( We travel the world.) 


Click below to view a video of Flo:

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Flo is the 1999 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Maui. She is proud to tell us that she came in twelfth in the Hawaiian tropic national finals. (Now that is impressive.) Flo is a regular extra on Baywatch Hawaii so now you have a reason to watch the show. Check out her web site at Jalin.net


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flo17sm.jpg (53987 bytes) There are more shots of Flo in the Products section of Rev Magazine, go find them.