Richard Pietruska


Richard Pietruska is a member of the Automobile Fine Art Society and has been an instructor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena for over 20 years. In addition to his teaching many of the future automobile designers, Richard also creates automotive art work. Most of Richard Peitruska's art is limited production with prices ranging from $40 up to $9000. His lower priced art is either cast ceramic or cast resin. While the more costly items are made of bronze. If your a true car guy you should have no problem figuring out the type of car in the sculptures below. (The pictures do the work little justice, they're amazing in person.) The red and blue twin Vipers standing up are salt & pepper shakers (they come in other colours too). The Ferrari scroll and the creation print are two examples of Pietruska's non sculpting work. The Audi sculpture is his latest piece. Viper fans, please take note of the jewelry. (As soon as I get a Viper, I'm buying a key chain.) Please E-mail the Rev-Mag Sysop or Richard Pietruska if you have any questions.


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